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Citizens are eager to engage

“There’s more energy at the grass-roots level than I’ve seen in my lifetime”Joe Trippi

Traditional methods don't cut it

The old toolset is losing effect

Digital media works

Higher engagement, better targeting, lower cost

Modernize your toolbox

Use the power of digital to drive democracy

It’s About Creating a Conversation

To represent a people, you must understand their needs. For them to trust you, they must know what you are doing. People vote when they feel heard and remember your name when they know you care.

Our ads create the conversation by educating your constituents on your views and by sharing their feedback with you. A two way conversation is started, a relationship is built and a foundation of trust is created.

For the Elected Official

Grow your loyal base by proving that their opinions matter to you

Win over your swing voters by showing them that you listen to both sides

Start your re-election campaign with an engaged majority supporting you

For the Candidate

Share your ideas and start a conversation

Learn your people’s wants issues and needs

Create a platform that motivates your voters by involving them directly

Be the champion of the people on election day

For the Advocate

Give people the tools to promote your issues to their reps and donate to your cause

Drive awareness and engagement year round

Empower the people to stand up for the causes that truly matter

Marketing to match your lifecycle



  • Keep engagement levels high post election
  • Promotes your issues with your constituency
  • Gathers their feedback for you
  • Leverages the most efficient and effective marketing methods
  • Costs less than a full time staffer and leaves the seat open for your use
  • Builds on your existing base so you start ahead of where you previously won



  • Up and running before your campaign team is even formed
  • Most efficient and effective method to reach your constituents and build your Name ID
  • Allows for feedback so you can fine tune your campaign to truly resonate with your voters
  • Guaranteed to hit the correct demographics and audience
  • Puts your message where your people will see it





A body of supporters in a specified area who elect a representative to a legislative body





A message that is presented to the public as a means of educating them on the value of an idea, person or thing

Revolutionary AI powered ad execution


Never sleeps, drinks or makes mistakes, while processing over 100,000 optimizations per day, all day


Isolates top performing creative attributes and strategies giving your design team the insights it needs


Cross channel execution, leveraging your CRM, Data and Email solutions to optimize your paid media


Tests 1,000s of audience variables constantly creating additional segments based on past success

Leverage the most advanced data suite in the industry


Voter History

Purchase History

District Targeting


Party Affiliation


And More...

Engage your constituents where they spend the most time


Where 1 vote equals 20 and budgets reach maximum effect


Dominate visually through every medium. Display ads put you everywhere there is screen.


Not just for TV anymore, run your spots where voters see them, not where they fast forward


Reach voters right where they are with geo fencing and mobile beacons



Engaged voters ready to learn. Start a conversation and gain their support

Experience. Passion. Drive.

We are a non-partisan political technology company.

Our team has been in digital advertising for over a decade. We’ve tested more than 110 advertising platforms and data suppliers in that time to learn what works and what doesn’t from direct experience.

In addition to digital advertising, we are very passionate about the political arena. As proponents of Democracy, we chose to create products with the goal of driving more citizens to participate in elections through increased awareness about issues and candidates.

The people want their voices to be heard

  • People don’t feel like their government represents them 23%
  • Traditional media won’t win the next election 10%
  • Your constituents are eager to engage 100%

Let's build your base

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